MetaFrame 1.8
MetaFrame 1.8

Symantecs ACT! 3.0 is a business contact management program. MetaFrame extends ACT!s capabilities by allowing multiple users to simultaneously use ACT! with shared or unshared contact databases. This document describes a tested method of configuring ACT! 3.0 using MetaFrame.

Hardware Requirements

    • Windows NT Terminal with MetaFrame 1.x

Software Requirements

    • MetaFrame Version 1.x

    • ACT! Version 3

Installing ACT!

1. At a command prompt, type change user /install.

2. Run Setup.exe from the ACT! CD-ROM.

3. Fill in the user information.

4. Select the installation location.

5. Select the type of installation (Typical was chosen for this test configuration).

6. Complete registration information.

7. At a command prompt, type change user /execute.

Configuring ACT!

On MetaFrame, ACT! can be set up to allow a shared database to be used simultaneously by multiple users and for unshared databases to be used by individuals. In either case, permissions must be set to allow proper access.

All users who share a common database must have access to both the database file (that is, Contacts.dbf) and the directory that contains the database file (for example, C:ActDatabase). If a user does not have the correct permissions when he or she starts ACT! for the first time, the Database Setup Wizard will not accept any database filenames. When this happens, the user must exit the Setup Wizard and choose New from the File pull-down menu to create a database and save it in a location where he or she has sufficient rights.

Verifying Installation of ACT!

Follow the procedure below to verify that ACT! is correctly installed and configured:

1. Click Start, select Programs, ACT! 3.0 for Windows, and then ACT! 3.0.

2. Follow the Setup Wizard (default values were used in the test configuration).

3. Enter My Record information.

4. Click Contact and then New Contact from the menu bar to add a new contact.

5. From the menu bar, select Lookup, then Company, and enter the name of a current contact with the company name you selected.

NOTE: ACT! does not allow any two users of a shared database to make concurrent changes to the same contact record. Once a user starts to change a record, that user must save the changes or switch to a different record before others can make changes to the record. ACT! allows users of a shared database to make concurrent changes to different contact records.

Additionally, if an alarm is set for a scheduled activity, all users concurrently running ACT! and using the same database receive the alarm.